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From Barbara Martin - I have really enjoyed catching up with Dick Krajczar. He contacted me to ask  if I could get a copy of the news article from the Bethlehem Globe Times reporting the 1961 LHS Baseball Team's win to capture the District XI Championship in June 1961. With the help of the Bethlehem Area Public Library Online  Archives and the reference librarian,  we  found the article published on  June 13, 1961. Dick requested the article after being  informed that the team is being inducted into the Liberty High School Sports Hall of Fame on May 6, 2017 at 4:30 PM in Memorial Gym followed by a dinner. He and the rest of his team mates are really looking forward to the event. Congratulations to Dick and the entire  team!! We will publish an article and some pictures of the induction after May 6.  Thanks to an email from Mike Kashner, these are the members of the Class of 61 who were on that team - Mike Kashner, Tony Filo, Robert Zerfass, Dick Krajczar, Tom Denofa, Norm Koch, Robert Muschlitz, Joe Ritsick, Dave Rinehart and manager John Yawney. If anyone is omitted or incorrectly included, please  let me know and I'll make the correction. You can email me at

To read the June 1961 article from the microfiche archives of the Bethlehem Globe Times about the game and star pitcher Norm Koch click here.




Did you sit next to this guy in Algebra class? The April 2017 Classmate of the Month is Bill Speary, Please enjoy reading about the interesting life Bill and his wife Judy have led over the past 55 years. Here is the story in his own words.


Life After High School: Bill Speary

I graduated in 1965 from California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA., where I received my degree in Liberal Arts with a major in mathematics.

In 1973, I earned my Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina (UNC). Prior to receiving my degree an oral examination was required. One of the questions posed to me was to assume that I was on a deserted island and figure out what time it was and the accuracy of my estimation. This was right up my alley, and I passed with flying colors, earning my Master's.

Like many computer specialists, technology came easy to me, but foreign languages did not. Unfortunately for me, the Computer Science Department at UNC required a foreign language for graduation. I decided to study German but was unable to pass the test. I looked for a language less difficult and chose Spanish. I was unable to pass that test also. At this point I felt no recourse except to resign from UNC. After writing my letter of resignation the language requirement was withdrawn. Fortunately for me, the letter was never delivered because I mailed it with insufficient postage.

After graduate school I was employed by IBM (Poughkeepsie, NY.) as part of the Architecture Group, designing the I/O Channel Architecture for IBM's 370 Virtual Systems. In exploring ways to fulfill my military obligation I learned from a friend at UNC that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was looking for a graphics expert for their newly-established computer Systems Team in Bethesda, MD. I accepted a commission as a Senior Assistant Health Services Officer (O-4) in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and was assigned to the NIH Systems Team for two years. With this appointment I could continue advancing in my chosen career and fulfill my military obligation at the same time. I was stationed at the National Institutes of Health Computer Center for my two years of service. (IBM placed me on military leave of absence for this period.) The NIH Systems Group was quite challenging and close-knit. We worked with IBM mainframe computers and with a variety of small computers supporting laboratory science. Yep, I was one of the young “computer geeks” of that era. When my military obligation was fulfilled I returned to IBM. I resigned from IBM in 1973.

I met my wife Judy in a computer class at UNC. One night we decided to see a movie, and I decided it was now or never. As we were cruising in my MGB with the top down, I put my arm around Judy and said “will you marry me?” Of course she said “yes”, fearing otherwise I would wreck the car. A few days later we went to a local jeweler, bought an engagement ring, and tied the knot in 1967. Our union produced two children: a daughter born in 1969, and a son born in 1970.  They each gave us two grandchildren, all girls. Today, our son works in the financial/insurance arena, and our daughter is an editor.

After Judy graduated from the University of North Carolina she joined me in working for IBM, where she participated in a Systems Programming Training program. In 1978 Judy and I decided to take the plunge and partner in several businesses/projects. Our first venture was working for Quad Systems, where I was in charge of firmware and Judy was a systems programmer. Let me give you an example of what “firmware” is. Hardware, as you know, is something you can see and touch such as a desktop computer, laptop and tablet. Software, such as Windows, is virtual and can be copied, changed, or destroyed. Firmware is software specifically designed for a piece of hardware such as a smart-phone or TV remote control. From 1981 to 1983 we owned (along with Judy's brother, Bob) and worked for Digital Computer Systems. Our projects included Automatic Test Equipment Switching Systems, developing MAC80 Computer-Assisted Instruction courses, etc. In 1982 Bob and I partnered with Roger Moore (not the actor) at Optim Electronics, a manufacturer of data acquisition equipment for real-time data acquisition and control systems. Here we wrote and rewrote software manuals, developed new features to be added to software and hardware, etc. My next project was to write and install an in-house data processing system for the National Symphony Orchestra. The pay was lousy but we did get free tickets to concerts (providing they were not sold out).

The years 1984 to 1987 were quite interesting. Judy and I were employed by Omar McCall & Associates, a government contractor. I was a Project Leader and Judy was a Systems Analyst and Programmer. Some of the projects we worked on are:

  • Pentagon: designed and implemented a computer system to monitor fitness training for the United States Army.
  • NIH Heart-Lung Institute Hypertension Intervention Study: designed a verification system (e.g. males do not take birth control pills); oversee personnel entering the study; spot-check the entries; report results to NIH personnel.
  • NIH – Division of Computer Research & Technology: prepare and test a benchmark system for the Division of Computer Research and Technology (DCRT) mainframe computer re-procurement.
  • Federal Aviation Administration–Spectrum Engineering Automation Section (ASM- 500): Designed, implemented, tested, and documented engineering models including the upgrade of Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) and Microwave Landing Systems (MLS).
  • NIH Heart-Lung Institute Hypertension Intervention Study: designed a verification system (e.g. males do not take birth control pills); oversee personnel entering the study; spot-check the entries; report results to NIH personnel.
  • NIH – Division of Computer Research & Technology: prepare and test a benchmark system for the Division of Computer Research and Technology (DCRT) mainframe computer re-procurement.


After working for so many years, I retired in 1994, and Judy retired in 1997. This is where the joy of living began. In 1985 Judy and I bought a “Whitby 42” sailboat and named it Janus. Being sailing novices, we spent some time learning by sailing the northeast coast of the United States. Once we mastered the technique of sailing, we sailed the Caribbean, Trinidad (here Judy learned to play the Steel Drums), Europe, Portugal, Spain, Madeira and the Canary Islands.







Judy and I decided we longer wanted to live in a house, apartment, or condominium. That didn't leave us much choice, so we live in Cocoa, Florida on, where else, our sailboat the Janus.


That is my life since 1961. If you would like to see more of the our travels visit the LHS website, click on Member Search, type in my name Speary and click on Life Aboard The Janus.





If you would like to re-read one of the profiles of the featured Classmates of the Month, click on the month of your choice.


March 2017 - Joe Ritsick


The formal induction ceremony for the new Liberty High School Alumni of Distinction was held on January 31, 2017 during halftime of the basketball game between Liberty High School and Bethlehem Catholic High School. Since Pete Ochs came to our 55th Reunion to share his Award of Distinction with the class, he did not make the trip from California for the ceremony.  Susan Jaxheimer Scholl and Judie Clause Johnson attended the ceremony on Pete''s behalf.  Judie officially received Peter's award from Principal Harrison Bailey.  


In addition to Peter Ochs from the Class of 1961, there were two other inductees into the LHS Hall of Distinction. The other two recipients of the Alumnus of Distinction Award are Dr. Reisa A Sperling, Director of the Center  for Alzheimer's Research and Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School from the LHS Class of 1977 and Thomas J. Doluisio, Liberty Teacher, BASD Administrator, Liberty Principal, BASD Superintendent, NCC Trustee and Foundation Member, graduate of PennState University, Kutztown University, and Lehigh University from the LHS Class of 1960.

Peter's inscription on the plaque is Peter M. Ochs, Home Builder, Philanthropist and Non-Profit Developer, Princeton and Stanford Universities, LHS Class of 1961. 

We extend our congratulations to all three new LHS Alumnus of Distinction award winners.

Click here to view some pictures provided by Susan Scholl from the induction ceremony.

Peter Ochs '61 LHS Distinguished Alumnus

Peter M. Ochs, a fellow member of the Class of 1961, was named  a Liberty High School Distinguished Alumnus in November 2016. Peter is a very successful builder and world wide philanthropist.. The LHS committee allowed us to make this announcement and recognize Peter at our 55th Reunion Dinner on Saturday night, November 19, 2016. The official induction will take place on January 31, 2017 at a Liberty High School basketball game with Bethlehem Catholic High School. Barbara Zamadics Martin, our classmate , prepared on behalf of a committee of class members the nomination packet  which was submitted  to Principal Harrison Bailey nominating Pete for this honor.   It was a pleasure for all of us who attended the reunion to see Peter,  who came to the dinner from his home in California where he lives with his wife Gail Geiger, a 1962 graduate of LHS. Please click here to read  Peter's impressive bio listing his many accomplishments and  contributions to his fellow men. 

The Class of 1961 is extremely  proud of Pete's many schievements and very proud to have a second Alumnus of Distinction from our class.

55th Reunion Dinner

55th Reunion Dinner





Unable to attend the 55th or just want to review the events? Click here to see the entire agenda.

Click here to see a few photos from the reunion. Thanks to Rusty Shunk, Tom Haupert, Dick Snyder and Barbara Zweifel Scherer for sharing these pictures.

Carolyn Domenig Latanision Wins Art Award

Carolyn Domenig Latanision '61 won the Mijello Mission Gold Award in the National Watercolor Society’s 96th International Exhibition held at the NWS Gallery in San Pedro, California. The Gold Award presents the winner with a $4000 prize. 

The award winning  painting is RIVETING, BETHLEHEM STEEL.  Carolyn has  done several solo exhibits of this work  in New England where she lives, most recently one requested by New England Biolabs.  (People always seem interested, which is curious to me, and the work has been purchased mostly by collectors.)

Carolyn offered her reason for this painting and the others in her series which is still in progress. "Growing up on the South Side of Bethlehem, I thought I could never move far enough away from the dirt, the noise, and the smells.  But when I heard that the plant was closing for good, my first emotional reaction was to memorialize this place that had so dominated our lives.  Over several years, driving down from Massachusetts, I explored and photographed the abandoned foundries and derelict machine shops where my father, grandfather and  great-grandfather had worked — and which ultimately claimed their lives. My series is based on all these photographs." 


David Waltz '61, LHS Distinguished Alumnus

David L. Waltz (1943-2012), a fellow member of the Class of 1961, was named  a Liberty High School Distinguished Alumnus in the Fall of 2014. Dave, a pioneer in Computer Science,  made contributions that provided the basis for the internet search engines of today. Tom Haupert, our classmate and close friend of Dave,  wrote the letter of nomination on behalf of a committee of class members  to Principal Harrison Bailey nominating Dave for this honor.  Please click here to read the entire nominatiion letter.

Dave, unfortunately died in March, 2012. Because of his prominence and his many contributions to the world of computer science,  David's obituary appeared in the New York Times on March 23, 2012. Please click here to read the entire text of the obituary.

The Class of 1961 is certainly proud of David's many accomplishments and will keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.



Liberty High School Athletic Hall of Fame Members

The Class of 1961 has three members in the  LIberty High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Those outstanding athletes are: Jack Eckenrode, Norm Koch, and Charlie Marcon.  All of these classmates played three or more sports while at Liberty.  Many of us remember sitting in the stands at the stadium  or on the fields watching the action. Memorial Gym saw much excellent basketball and wrestling during our years at Liberty. Congratulations to the three of you.

Jack  Eckenrode      Norm Koch        Charlie Marcon


Posting Your Information

If you would like to share information, a photograph, or a link you think would be of interest to the Class of '61, please email the  particulars to Barbara Zamadics Martin at  Thank You

News From the Class of 61


* From Rusty Shunk - If you want to donate to the Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund in honor of the late Ned Huber or any other classmate do the following:

 Please make checks payable to Liberty High School. In memo section of check state that this is a contribution to the Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund and send to : Liberty High School Scholarship Fund 1115 Linden Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 Thanks very much for your generosity.


* Charlie Marcon, who attended the reunion on Friday evening,  encouraged anyone who lives in or visits Bethlehem to visit the National Museum of Industial History. Charlie is President and Chairman of the Board. Visit the site at

Alumni and School Clothing and Gear

Site Administrator / Community Manager

Site AdminCharlie Eichenberg, Webmaster 

4706 Imperial Palm Drive, Largo, FL 33771






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55th Reunion Attendees Say Yes to a 60th Reunion!!

Susan Scholl and the Reunion Committee conducted a survey at the 55th reunion to determine whether the class wanted a 60th reunion and the answer was YES.  Attendees on Satuday night were asked to complete a survey as to whether the Class should plan for a 60th Reunion and what type and when it should be. The class appears to want a Friday and Saturday evening event with a  DJ for the Saturday night dinner.  A dinner was preferred to a luncheon. Susan and Judie would like to try scheduling this reunion during October rather than November when the weather can become winter like. Block out those October weekends in 2021 on your calendars!!! Click here to see the complete survey results. 

A Successful 55th Reunion

A recap of the reunion dinner  from Rusty Shunk -

 Although we had less than half the people this weekend than we had at our 50th, it was a good time.  Friday at Se-Wy-Co, 83 people pre-registered; Saturday at Silver Creek, 109. The Reunion Committee did it again!! if you were unable to attend, you were missed!!!

We honored David Waltz who was our first Alumnus of Distinction in 2015, the three members of the class in the Athletic Hall of Fame (Jack Eckenrode, Norm Koch, and Charlie Marcon—Charlie attended Friday night), and announced that Peter Ochs will be our second Alumnus of Distinction as of January.  See the separate news article on the web page.  Peter flew in from California to receive recognition from the class.  We also honored Susan Jaxheimer Scholl for her 40 years of service to the reunion committee. Other members of the committee are Judie Clause Johnson, Dolly  Berger Ackerman, and Barbara Zweifel Scherer,

Barb Zweifel Scherer offered a tribute to Joanne Yochum Horvath, who served on the Reunion Committee (of which there are now only four members).  I spoke on behalf of Ned Huber and announced the opportunity to make a contribution to the LHS Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund in Ned’s name, since Ned conceived and led our 50th Reunion effort to raise $11,000.  Donors may send contributions to honor Ned (or any other classmate) directly to Liberty HS. 

We also passed a resolution that declares our intention to donate all monies left in the class account when we stop having reunions to the LHS Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund or any other Liberty cause as appropriate at the time.

Barb Zamadics Martin, who manages the class website,  demonstrated some of the features of the page for those in attendance..  Charlie Eichenberg is our webmaster. for member profiles.  If you haven’t registered, please hop on, go to the top of the homepage and sign in as a new member. We are the only class to have our own website.  It’s free. The cost to develop the site was covered by class funds. 

And remember, too, all the directory information is in and easily accessible on the website along with stories and photos, many by Tom Haupert, whose 50th images we used in a power point slide show. Sadly, we have lost at least 136 classmates (about 17%) according to the records we have.

Good conversations, good food, good vintage music again this year by DJ Brian Engler, and specially imprinted red M&Ms mixed in with blue ones as our favor.  Good times.


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